Lynsay Bell

Regional Research Manager

"I'm responsible for a team of researchers looking after an area within the UK"
Job Title:
Regional Research Manager
Painting, Music festivals, reading
What were you doing before this role?
Before being promoted to my current role, I worked as a Research Associate and was responsible for keeping my portfolio of properties up to date. After seven months in this role I was selected for the position of Quality Assurance Analyst. This involved carrying out checks on the accuracy of our data as well as coaching and providing feedback to researchers to help them improve their attention to detail.

What was the biggest challenge in moving up the career ladder?
Responsibility for running team meetings, doing presentations and some public speaking that I have always struggled with. Thanks to CoStar's one-year 'Leaders of Tomorrow' programme, I was well prepared for my responsibilities as a "leader" in the company. Most of the assessments are in the form of a presentation or debate so the practice has been invaluable to me. The training department worked with me on my weak areas so I had the level of support required to get the job done.

What's the highlight of your experience to date?
Being promoted to my current role as Regional Research Manager! This was a career move that I hadn't considered before as I had no previous management experience. Working in the Quality Assurance team and taking part in the Leaders of Tomorrow programme helped me become confident in my abilities to lead a team successfully and to prove myself to the organisation.