Lyndsey McGinn

Regional Research Manager

"Try and put yourself in your client's shoes as often as possible, it helps to see things from their point of view!"
Job Title:
Regional Research Manager
Music, Socialising with friends and travel
What were you doing before this role?
Before being promoted to Regional Research Manager I was a Research Associate and then a Quality Assurance Analyst. As a researcher I was responsible for maintaining a portfolio of agents within a geographical area, ensuring I had the best coverage of instructions and deals that had taken place. After 8 months I was promoted to Quality Assurance Analyst, where along with sampling information in our databases, I worked closely with research teams and individuals to help improve quality and encourage best practice.

What skill is necessary to become a Research Manager at CoStar?
The role is varied and can be subject to change as we aim to keep up to date with our clients' needs. Therefore good organisational skills and the ability to adapt are key. Also the experience gained from both my time as a Research Associate and Quality Assurance Analyst has proved invaluable in understanding the research process from both an employee and client's perspective.

What's the highlight of your experience to date?
There are many, I really have enjoyed my time with CoStar, especially the way the company rewards your efforts. As a researcher I was acknowledged for a "Top Call" where, from a sample of calls which are listened to, one is selected as demonstrating best practice. It is nice to be recognised for a job well done and the associated bonus in the next month's pay was very welcome too!

A recent challenge you have faced?
Recently I've been promoted Manager and given the opportunity to look after a team of Research Associates. This has been a new challenge for me but one which I am enjoying! Despite I had no previous management experience, I got a lot of support from my peers and from the continued development offered by our training department.