James Ledger

Research Associate

"CoStar is a great place for graduates: you learn about the market & build professional relationships "
Job Title:
Research Associate
Washington DC
Films and American Football (I play for the Glasgow Tigers)
What did you study and why?
Having had some experience in property development, I realised I wanted to learn more about the breadth of work typically undertaken by commercial real estate professionals so I studied Property Management and Development at Glasgow Caledonian University.

What made you choose a career at CoStar?
CoStar is a great place for graduates. You will not only learn a lot about the commercial market but you will also build professional relationships within the industry which may come handy in the future.

You have moved to the US on secondment, what are you doing there?
In the US my job is similar to the UK with more diversity. Now not only do I keep a portfolio of clients properties up to date and accurate I also write news stories on important events that have occurred in the market place such as the sale of a landmark building or a blue-chip tenant signing up to a new lease. During the last 6 months over here I have proved myself as a Researcher earning an All Star award and being upgraded from a level two portfolio to a level three, this is a lot more challenging but there is more opportunity to earn bonus payments.

What market do you cover?
I cover a portion of the Chicago Market, in what we call a level three portfolio which means it's almost entirely made up of clients who rely on CoStar to not only market their properties but also to research and gather information for them. There's always something going on in Chicago and we're expected to be the first to know.

What is highlight of your experience to date?
Moving to Washington DC has definitely been my CoStar highlight so far! The American real estate market is very different to the British equivalent and I never thought I would get to experience it. CoStar has been a part of the industry a lot longer over here and because of that the company is much larger, more diverse and influential. It's a great chance to immerse myself in a different culture, mature as a person and make some friends for life.