Helen Gallagher

Tenant Manager

"Be prepared to work hard and play hard!"
Job Title:
Tenant Manager
Learning languages, travelling, socialising, reading
Why did you join CoStar?
Shortly after leaving university I moved to London from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne as I was keen to experience the 'Big Smoke'. I applied for a Research Associate position at CoStar and found the people during my interview process very committed and friendly.

What's the highlight of your experience to date?
I'm in the "Tenants Team" in charge of tracking what tenant is moving to where and when (this is called 'a lead'). My highlight is seeing our team achieve its target of 120 leads for the first time in Glasgow, after everyone involved had committed to getting the job done and setting ourselves a new record.

You worked in two CoStar offices. How did it go?
Moving from London to Glasgow felt like a braver step than moving from Newcastle to London. I was leaving behind great friends, great experiences, and moving to a new office was such a big unknown. The Glasgow office was a new operation at the time, and no-one knew at that point how successful it would become. After living in Glasgow for a short while and experiencing the set up of the new office I soon realised this was going to be an exciting place to be, and with Glasgow having a very similar sense of humour to Newcastle I have settled in well.

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in working for CoStar?
I would advise that they are prepared to work hard and play hard!