Faye Stewart

Field researcher

"You will be faced with many challenges, but the more you are willing to learn the more you will get out of your day to day role."
Job Title:
Field Researcher
Deployed in the field
Salsa dancing, rowing, photography, music, skiing, learning spanish and enjoying time with my dogs, friends and family
What's your background?
I studied for a BA Hons degree in photography and Professional media at the University of Gloucestershire, where I also found my feet as a retoucher working for a company who created 360 degree virtual tours of shopping centres, towns, attractions and large commercial warehouses for agents and councils.

On returning to the Northwest I worked for a creative group in Manchester and in my spare time found a job freelancing for CoStar as a commercial property photographer. This was my first experience of working for the company.

Why did you decide to join CoStar?
I had worked as a freelance for the company before I went full time, and had really enjoyed the work, being outside, using photography and retouching together, working to assignments. I kept in touch with my manager and a few months later he announced that there was a new opportunity to be part of a brand new UK Field research team photographing all commercial property in the UK, I saw this as a fantastic opportunity to get back to photography again and be part of something new and exciting as it began.

What's the highlight of your experience to date?
I have 2! Firstly the beginning, joining CoStar and learning this job that existed nowhere else in the UK and being privileged enough to be part of that. This was a brand new team and there were 15 of us all excited to get on the road and start photographing and databasing the UK commercial property market. Though the job has evolved a lot, the opportunities have never ceased.

My second highlight would most certainly be the opportunity I had with 4 other field research colleagues to drive through France to Cannes and join our management and Marketing team at the MIPM conference for a week. We were there to highlight the presence of the Field Research vehicles and technology we use. It certainly wasn't your average day job that week!