Angela Alsemgeest

Product Manager

"it is pre-requisite of my role to
be a people's person"
Job Title:
Product Manager
Fashion, Travelling, Dancing and Shoes
What's your background?
I am Dutch/South African and graduated in SA with a B-Commerce degree in Marketing and Business Management. I moved to the UK in 2000 and joined the company in 2001.

Why did you decide to join CoStar?
Well actually, CoStar chose me. The company is extremely entrepreneurial and grows the business through the acquisition of market leading firms and more importantly the people in those companies. CoStar acquired the company that I worked for and has since then invested time and money to allow me to grow within the larger business.

What's the highlight of your experience to date?
Without a doubt the highlight so far has been the successful launch of Showcase in the UK market - which is the CoStar's first Global Product and a commercial property listings website.